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All registrations for the Triathlon International de Deauville must be done online by clicking here.

Select the race of your choice and follow the instructions by clicking here.

At the end of the registration process you will receive a registration confirmation and proof of payment. Your name will also appear on the List of Participants by clicking here.

For relay registrations, you may compete as a team of 2 or 3 participants. Each participant must complete the whole length of their segment: the transition take place in the dedicated area inside the bike park.


It is possible for companies and clubs to register as a group. The invoice may then be addressed to a legal entity (association or business) for all or part of the cost of registration and any other options.

This may be important as part of a club or company outing. For example, a company may choose to take over the cost of its employees’ registration, while having them settle their own day passes or additional options. For more informations and explanations please click here.

To create a group, the leader must contact the event organiser by email: contact@triathlondeauville.com.

To consult the registration process for members and employees, download the dedicated guide by clicking here.







If you have a French Triathlon licensee:

You have to provide your FFTRI 2021 licensee number during your registration. The platform verify your information in real time.

For reminder, the licence must be subscribe for the competition. By the way, you do not provide a support document.

If you do not have a French Triathlon licensee:

For those without a licence, you must subscribe to a competition/day pass (day licence).

To do this, you must pay the fee and provide a supporting document:

–  Whether a supporting document that is dated within the last 12 months and indicates your ability to participate in a triathlon at competition level.

–  Whether a copy of another sport licence available for 2021

The copy of the licence or the supporting document must be uploaded on the registration platform. The platform will be closed on 16 June 2021.

As a reminder, a competition day pass is a third-party liability insurance taken out with the French Triathlon Federation.

Those who subscribe to a day pass are hereby informed:

–  That they benefit, within the context of this event, to the guarantees foreseen in the contract for third-party liability insurance subscribed by the FFTRI with Allianz;

–  That the day pass does not include any type of personal insurance;

–  That it may be advisable to take out, through the insurance company of their choice, a personal insurance which covers the risk of any physical damage they may encounter during the practice of sport;

–  That their bike is not covered by the insurance. Any damage they cause to their own or anyone else’s bike is not covered by the federation’s third-party liability insurance.

If you have a French Triathlon licensee

You have to provide your FFTRI 2021 licensee number during your registration. The platform verify your information in real time.

If you do not have your FFTRI 2021 licence number, you can register to take a competition day pass. (Answer [no] to the question: Do you have a triathlon licence?)

This competition day pass will be refund by sending us your new licensee by mail at: contact@triathlondeauville.com

If you do not have a French Triathlon licensee:

You do not have to provide your supporting document when you register. You can download it after on the registration platform, by using the link on the registration confirmation that you received by email.

For more explication, please consult your guide by clicking here.

The supporting document has to be download on the registration platform before the 16th of June at noon.

No document can be provided during the bib withdrawal.

The supporting document has to be download on the registration platform before the 16th of June at noon.

To do it, you can download your supporting document (PDF or JPED format) by using the link on the registration confirmation that you received by email.

For more explication, please consult your guide by clicking here.

Have you had second thoughts and want to hire a wetsuit after all, or wish to add a missing supporting document? No worries, you can easily access your registration to modify the details, by using the link on the registration confirmation that you received by email.

Take a look at the short guide which fully explains the process, by clicking here.

You are already registered but you want to change races? Please contact us by email: contact@triathlondeauville.com

The service will cost you €10 management fees. This service is possible subject to availability of bibs.

The event organiser gives no refunds on registration. However, we shall refund any options and the competition day pass. Please contact us by email: contact@triathlondeauville.com.

Three options :

Option n°1

If you subscribed to Circle Group’s cancellation insurance, they are the ones who will refund the cost of your registration.

WARNING: The cancellation insurance has to be subscribe only during your registration. You could cancelled your registration until the 17th of June.

You can also consult the Terms of Sales of Circle Ticketing by clicking here.

Option n°2

You may transfer your bib to someone you know. You can find the procedure details by clicking here. You have to the 11th of June a noon to do it.

The process is free and no financial demand can be done to the organisation.

Option n°3

If your race is complete and if you do not know someone personally who would like to acquire your bib, you can also choose to sell it here. Your bib will then feature on the registration platform. Once it has been sold, you will receive a refund on your registration.

Put your bib up for sale, please contact us to contact@triathlondeauville.com

If the race is showing full, sign up to the waiting list on our registration platform by clicking here.

For more information, please consult the guide GUIDE, by clicking here.

1/ If it will be not possible to organize the event from June 17 to 20, 2021, it would automatically be postponed from September 23 to 26, 2021 or from September 30 to October 3 – as your registrations, without possibility of refund by the organizer.

2/ The organizer could be forced by the Prefecture to limit the number of participants per race (whether in June or September). In this case, the first registrants will logically be the first to be retained.

3/ The choice between a postponement of dates and an organization maintained in June on a limited scale would then be freely decided by the organizer.

4/ Any global cancellation of the event in 2021 will result in your registration being postponed to 2022.

In order to read the Terms and Conditions of the 10th edition of Deauville International Triathlon click here.


To consult the Rules of the Triathlon International de Deauville, click here.

To consult the Federation Rules, click here. 

You are very welcome at the Triathlon International de Deauville. Please contact the organisation staff by email: contact@triathlondeauville.com so you can be identified as a parasport participant (with dedicated rules and ranking), and to see if any special arrangements need to be set up.

Feed zones are planned according to races. The precise positioning and composition of the feed zones will be communicated later on the routes page.

Bib pick-up takes place on the “Boulevard de la Mer” in Deauville, at the Tri Expo village.

To find out the timings dedicated (different for each competition), consult the program by clicking here.

You must bring along the bib pass (that you will receive by email 2 weeks before the race) and your passport/identity card.

If everything is in order, you will be handed over:

–  1 bag

–  1 timing chip and ankle strap

–  2 bibs (1 for the bike segment and 1 for the run segment)

–  1 set of stickers (bike saddle, bike helmet, deposit ID)

–  1 numbered bracelet – which will be put on your wrist straight away


It corresponds to:

– Your place in the bike park

– The container for your sportswear in the bike park

– The number to deposit your bag in the cloakroom

NB: Safety pins are not provided

Yes, this person has to have his own identity card, your bib pass, and the copy of your identity card.

The below list is given as an indicative guide only:

For the swim:


–  The swim cap of the organization is obligatory, with the possibility to put a cap underneath (authorized).

–  A wetsuit is compulsory if the sea temperature is below 16°C. Above that, the decision to wear one is up to you. However, be warned that you will be swimming in The Channel: it is very likely that the water will be between 16 and 18°C!

Forbidden: Fins, buoyancy aids, gloves and slippers.

For the cycling:

Compulsory: Your bike (all types of bikes are allowed), with a blocked handlebar. Your helmet with an attachable neck strap. Identification stickers (1 on the bike and 2 on the helmet). And your race bib.

Allowed: Automatic pedals, lenticular wheel and handlebar extension.

Forbidden: Luggage rack.

For the run:

Compulsory: Bib.

Forbidden: Headphones and running shirtless.


During your transition you have a box at your disposal in the bike park. Dimensions 30×40 cm.

Allowed: transition bag that fits in the box, refreshments, towel, garbage bag, on your bike it is allowed to install your water bottle, meter, gels or bars, automatic shoes, helmets, bib holder.

Forbidden: to leave your material out of your box.

After the race:

Allowed: a backpack (with the identification sticker) to drop off at the left luggage.

It is important that triathletes feel supported during competitions.

The event organiser therefore allocates bib numbers once the registration platform has closed, so the bike park placing may be done in a logical way and they can:

1/ Group together members of the same club (if the club is indicated when registering)

2/ Group together staff of the same company (via the company procedure – cf. here above)

3/ Maintain the chronological order of registration: if friends register one after the other, they are more likely to be nearby in the bike park.

To enable a good swim for everyone, the swim start will take place in free-to-choose sections: PROFESSIONAL – EXPERT – INTERMEDIATE – BEGINNER.

However, please do not worry about timing: ranking and timing will be done in real-time, as the stop-watch will automatically be set off when the competitor crosses the start line.

According to the races, the start will be a mass start by waves or a rolling start.

Timing and ranking are done in real-time: the stop-watch automatically sets off when the competitor crosses the start line.

You will then be given the following time splits (for adult races):



CYCLING (of which the CHALLENGE DE LA COTE SAINT-LAURENT – Groupe Mary Automobile – a challenge that is separate from the global time – only on Longue Distance and Distance Olympique for cycling up the famous Saint-Laurent hill)





DNF – abandon

DSQ – disqualification (upon official decision, which is indisputable)

For children, only the global time is recorded.

Temps limites triathlon international de Deauville

Those times are based on the departure of the last participant in the race.


A dedicated car park will be set aside for competitors. Its precise location will be made known 2 weeks before the event from the “map and access” online page.

Triathletes will find toilets reserved exclusively for their use in the bike park. These toilets will be accessible immediately before and during the competition.

A tent will be available in the bike park to allowed you to change your clothes inside it.

Showers and changing rooms will be reserved for triathletes in Deauville’s Olympic Swimming Pool. They will be accessible after your race.

Massages will also be available in Deauville’s Olympic Swimming Pool, immediately after your race. You will also be able to relax in the pools there.

If you need to drop off a change bag after the race, we offer a left luggage service during your race.
The organization asks each participant to come with only one bag, and to put the sticker provided for this purpose, otherwise it will not be accepted at the deposit.
Do not put any valuables in your bag. We are not responsible for the loss of your bags or their contents. For security reasons, your bag may be opened and checked in your presence. Please remain vigilant by never leaving your bag unattended.

All triathletes will be given a medal and a tee-shirt per race. When you register, you can also subscribe to other options:

– Download the complete photo pack with all your HD photos taken during the Deauville International Triathlon, amount 25€. It will be available for downloading on a dedicated platform the day after the Triathlon. All photos will be taken by professional photographers.

–  Download an HD photo of yourself taken at the Triathlon International de Deauville, for 10€. The photo can be downloaded from a dedicated platform the day after the triathlon. All photos will be taken by professional photographers.

–  Get a memento of your race with our range of event merchandise, which you can discover by clicking here. 

Our partners offer you to rent your equipment (bikes and wetsuits) for the event.

Go to our page Shop & Rental.

For the second year, we offer a specialized triathlon training course to all triathletes (participants or not in the 2021 triathlon) in the exceptional setting of the city of Deauville. Come and improve your swimming (in the pool or in the sea). Come and recognize the courses. Come and get advice from Deauville triathlon professionals and experts.

For more information click here.

Our accommodation and restaurant partners offer special promotions, reserved for triathletes registered for the Deauville International Triathlon (upon presentation of your proof of registration).

These offers will be available at the beginning of 2021 from our “Organize my stay” page.

Discover the Tri Expo Deauville, the biggest sport event specialised in triathlon of France !

The Tri Expo Deauville is located in the center of the Trideauville, on the boulevard de la mer. There, you can find more than 30 brand of sports. To have more information click here. Please notice that exposant and brand will be announce arround may 2021.

Openning hours :

Friday, 25th of september : 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday, 26th of september : 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday, 27th of september : 8:00 am to 6:00 pm