11 July 2020 By Vincent Training

Long Distance Lepape training plan – week 1/11 2020 Let's start slow...

Long Distance Lepape training plan – week 1/11 2020

Entraînement Longue Distance - Lepape 2020

Welcome to the first week of 2020 Long Distance – Lepape training of the Deauville International Triathlon. This week, the main objective will be to get use to the vocabulary of the program and the sequence of sessions. In order to succeed you will have to be rigorous and put all your motivation into it.

To begin your 2020 Long Distance training, the focus will be on swimming. The two swimming sessions planned are a first jump into the triathlon! For running and cycling, the sessions are not difficult because it is a question of recovering from the swimming sessions. For running, VMA sessions and for cycling, a PMA and a long outing with friends!

Try to respect the order of the sessions, this allows different parts of the body to work and avoid injuries.

If you have some free time left over, do not hesitate to round off your week of training with a strength training session.

Downald the PDF file : here

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