7 April 2020 By Vincent Training



From 25 to 27 of september 2020.

The global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has created an unprecedented situation and a feeling of uncertainty for all, and has directly impacted the organisation of our sporting events.

From the numerous messages received over the last few days, we know that many of you are wondering whether the June 2020 edition of the Deauville International Triathlon will be taking place. We would have liked to keep you informed sooner about this, but we chose to take some additional time for consultation, in order to provide you with information that is as clear and complete as possible.

On the basis of current knowledge regarding the health crisis, and in close consultation with the town of Deauville, relevant authorities, and organisational partners (towns, voluntary associations, sponsors, service providers), it has become apparent that conditions for maintaining the triathlon on 19-21 June are no longer met.

Firstly, the organisational conditions: the as-yet undefined length of the lockdown, and restrictions that will apply when it is lifted, is creating a climate of uncertainty that is inconsistent with the organisation of an event gathering over 30,000 participants, companions, spectators, volunteers and service providers, in just over two months.

Above all, the conditions for your health: beyond the question of spreading COVID-19, participating in a triathlon requires strenuous physical preparation over several weeks, and it will not be possible to implement this in a satisfactory way by the end of June. We do not want to take the slightest risk where your health is concerned.

Thus, after consulting all of our organisational partners, whom we thank more than ever for their understanding and commitment, we are glad to announce that a solution has been found for the postponement of the triathlon: from friday 25 to Sunday 27 September 2020. The programme remains identical in terms of scheduled timings.

We are nevertheless aware that this postponement to new dates may entail organisational difficulties for some participants, or indeed make it impossible for some to participate in the 2020 Deauville International Triathlon at all.

The following measures have therefore been taken:

1/ All those who subscribed to cancellation insurance when signing up may request a refund of their registration fee, on the grounds of the event’s postponement.

2/ As stated in our terms and conditions, you can transfer your bib to a third party or sell it on using our Swika connection platform. To put your bib up for sale, please click here and use the registration reference you received by email, along with your email address. To facilitate this process, the organisation team is suspending the sale of bibs from Tuesday 7 April.

3/ Since this year, EXAEQUO (the company who organises the Deauville International Triathlon) has also, alongside the Emeraude Events association, become organiser of the Emeraude Events Triathlon, organised in the vicinity of Dinard and Saint-Lunaire on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September. Subject to availability, we are offering the possibility to those who have signed up to the Deauville International Triathlon to transfer their registration to Emeraude Events’ M and L races. In order to do this, please contact the organisers on the following email address: contact@triathlondeauville.com.

In any case, over and above these provisions, in application of the competition rules and taking into account these unprecedented circumstances, no refunds will be made.

For more information you can see the FAQ.

We are acutely aware that the postponement of the Deauville International Triathlon may cause you inconvenience. However, given this unforeseeable crisis that is beyond our control, we trust we can rely on your understanding, as well as your presence in Deauville on 25-27 September 2020.

Everything possible will be done to ensure this 9th edition lives up to the success of the previous ones, and we express once again our thanks to all of our partners for their support during these difficult times.

In the meantime let’s all take special care of ourselves, and our loved ones. We must behave responsibly and respect our authorities’ health and safety instructions, so that we can all once again experience the enjoyment of training and competitions as soon as possible.


Martial Fesselier and Grégory Brussot

Co-directors of EXAEQUO and the Deauville International Triathlon